3 Time-Tested Cleaning Tricks From Professional Cleaning Service

Tricks for Cleaning Your Chores Quickly

Struggling to find the motivation to get all your chores done? Well, you might want to sit down and put your feet up for this news: It is possible to get all of your cleaning done with very little effort, and without sacrificing how clean your home is. Follow these time-tested tricks from a professional cleaning service and cut the time you spend on housework in half!

Clean your shower curtain liner in the washing machine.

Did you know you could wash your shower curtain liner? Most people don’t, but it’s a great way to save money and quickly clean an item you would normally have to replace. Simply toss in the washing machine with a few soiled towels, and add a half-cup of baking soda in with your normal amount of detergent; then, at the rinse cycle, dump in a half-cup of vinegar. Then hang it to dry.

Remove wrinkles in the shower.

Ironing can be a real chore, but you don’t have to break out the ironing board every time you want a neatly pressed outfit. Instead, take the day’s laundry with you when you take a shower, and hang up a few items of clothing on the curtain rod opposite the shower head. The steam from your soak will eliminate wrinkles — and free up your time!

Collect pet hair using rubber gloves.

If last-minute guests don’t leave you enough time to vacuum after your four-legged friends, try this trick: Slip on a pair of rubber dishwashing gloves, wet them lightly, then rub your hands over couches, blankets, or the cat’s favorite sunny window seat. The loose fur will come off the upholstery and stick to your gloves!

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