4 Cleaning Supply Categories for Residential Cleaning

4 Cleaning Agent Categories

There are hundreds of cleaning products on the market. This makes deciding which one to buy difficult at times.

There are four main categories of cleaning supplies used by professional residential cleaning services.

The 4 Main Cleaning Agent Categories

  • Detergents – Detergents, also known as water-solubles, are man-made synthetic derivatives. Immiscible oils can be combined with this formula, which also keeps dirt suspended and serves as a wetting agent. When it comes to keeping a clean environment, mild detergents work best.
  • Degreasers – Degreasers are used to get rid of proteins, fats, and organic soil. Since these ingredients are primarily utilized in the kitchen, they will typically be found on kitchen utensils and surfaces. To remove organic soils, alkaline or higher-pH solutions are required. The more encrusted the surface oil is, the higher the pH required.
  • Abrasives – When you want to remove a lot of soil from smaller, heat-resistant areas, you need abrasives. Mineral, chemical, or physical forces all have abrasive action. It could be a scouring pad, a liquid, or even powder.
  • Acids – An acid is the opposite of a degreaser. It is a solution for cleaning that has a pH of six or less. Acids include lemon, coke, vinegar, and coffee. Acids eliminate difficult stains like mineral deposits, soap scum, and rust. Acidic cleaning products include rust stain removers, tub and tile cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, and mold and mildew removers. Around the house, you may use lemon and vinegar, which are mild acids that can be used to clean a variety of surfaces and small messes.

You are now aware of which one to apply to the mess and grime that needs to be cleaned. To make things even easier, you can also simply hire residential cleaning services. In the Olympia, WA area, Clean Queen Home Care provides excellent cleaning services. We’ll take care of your cleaning needs if you give us a call at (360) 499-8361.