Cleaning Service for House Items That Are Dirtier Than Toilet

Daily Items More Contaminated Than a Toilet

Toilets are cleaned more frequently because it is known that they might contain germs. But numerous other germy items in your home are often not cleaned as thoroughly because you probably don’t consider them to be as filthy as a toilet seat. There isn’t anything that stands out as the dirtiest thing you touch daily. To avoid getting sick, though, take a look at these areas of your home that frequently acquire bacteria. Be ready to grab some cleaning tools or simply ask your local cleaning service provider to help you clean.

Bathroom Doorknob

When using the restroom, sneezing, or preparing food, does everyone in your home wash their hands thoroughly? It’s impossible to be certain. Only around half of Americans thoroughly wash their hands after using the restroom, which increases the risk of the spread of potentially harmful forms of E. coli from the feces. Your home’s doorknobs, handles, light switches, and electronic keypads are all likely brimming with bacteria or virus-laden organisms, making them more filthy than toilets. This isn’t just true of the bathroom doorknob. All that’s required to solve the issue is a fast wipedown with a disinfectant wipe. Because one wipe cannot thoroughly clean a whole house full of knobs, use one wipe per room.


When it comes to how filthy they are, carpets and toilets get a terrible rap, but for good reason. If you counted the number of toxins that remain trapped in a carpet even after it has been vacuumed, you would put your shoes back on. Dust mites, fragments of various dead insects, mold spores, dirt, and regular old dust particles can be found tangled in carpet threads as well as lodged at the carpet’s base, where a vacuum’s suction strength can’t always reach. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter, which traps pollutants, to vacuum the carpet at least once a week to protect your health. Until you can get your carpets professionally cleaned once a year to remove entrenched filth, clean them regularly.

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