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Where the Germs Lurk the Most

Regular cleaning is necessary, but it can be very time-consuming, and if you don’t do it properly, bacteria will spread and develop inside the house. Make sure your place is sanitized thoroughly. If you do not have the time available to clean the house, schedule a cleaning service instead.

Here are the places around the home that contain the most bacteria:

Handles, Knobs, and Switches

This is pretty obvious. Why? Different hands that have been in other areas come into contact with these things all the time, which means they are the place where germs and viruses are prevalent. Whether it is your bathroom, light switches, stairs, fridge handles, or stove knobs, bacteria will survive. You can make these places clean by using disinfecting wipes. Just make sure you don’t use the same wipe for multiple surfaces. 

Kitchen and Bath

These areas are the most crucial to clean regularly. The place where food is stored or prepared has more bacteria contamination than any other part of the house. Using warm damp sponges soaked in cleaning detergents will help keep the countertops, sink, and cutting boards clean. Moisture from the hot shower will also encourage mold and germ growth in the bathroom. When cleaning the bathroom, pay attention to the shower tub, faucets, floor area, and toilet. Don’t hesitate to book a cleaning service if you need assistance.

Pet Area

If you own any kind of pet, proper and regular cleaning should be on your priority list. They can be a carrier of virus or bacteria, especially if they go outside of the premises often. Make sure you wash their bedding regularly, soak toys and bowls in bleach once a week, and wipe your fur baby’s paws with disinfecting wipes when they come in from outside from exercise and other daily activities. 

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