How Often Should Professional Deep Cleaning Be Done

Office Deep Cleaning: What Is It Exactly?

Every once in a while, your business will need a more comprehensive clean if it is to remain clean and sanitized and be a healthy environment for your employees. This is what professional deep cleaning services refer to as an office deep clean. However, what is office deep cleaning, and how often is it needed?

Read on to find out what this type of service entails!

What is an office deep clean?

In comparison with general cleaning services, an office deep cleaning is more in-depth and time-consuming. The service includes detailed and demanding cleaning chores that are not included in regular cleaning, which are:

  • Thorough carpet vacuuming using an effective HEPA-filter vacuum.

  • Sanitizing desks, monitors, and keyboards.

  • Cleaning and vacuuming blinds, windowsills, and drapes.

  • Detailed cleaning of light fixtures and switches, as well as door handles.

  • Carefully sanitize the toilets and other surfaces in the bathroom.

  • Dusting baseboards, ledges, and vents.

  • Cleaning inside and behind the fridge and other appliances.

  • Disinfecting all kitchen surfaces with effective cleaning agents.

How Often do offices need this?

In general, deep cleaning services are advisable every 6-12 months if you want to ensure that your space is immaculate. Of course, the frequency generally depends on the number of employees and the business type. In addition, most business owners book deep cleaning services under special circumstances, like important visits from business partners or after an office party. In any case, you should consider booking office deep cleaning services every time you see that regular cleaning doesn’t cut it anymore, or if you are going to be hosting an important event at your business.

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