It Might Be Time to Change Your Commercial Cleaning Contractor

Signs Your Janitor Might Not Be Doing Their Job Well

In an age where maintaining a clean and hygienic workspace is essential, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your janitor’s performance. When commercial cleaners fail to meet your expectations and high standards, it might be time for a change. Here, we will discuss some key signs that may indicate your commercial cleaning team isn’t doing their job well:

Persistent Dust and Dirt

A professional cleaner should leave your space spotless after each service. However, if you notice a constant accumulation of dust and dirt even after recent cleaning sessions, chances are your janitor isn’t paying attention to detail. This can be harmful to employees with allergies or respiratory issues, as well as create an overall negative impression on clients who visit your premises.

Lack of Proper Sanitization

In today’s climate, proper sanitization is more than just a preference – it’s essential. With the increased risk associated with viruses and germs spreading around shared spaces, you need to ensure that your cleaning team is executing effective sanitizing measures. Failing to sanitize frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, countertops, and light switches may indicate incompetence or negligence from the assigned janitors.

Complaints From Employees or Clients

Your employees spend a significant portion of their day at work; hence they’re likely to notice if the hygiene standards are decreasing over time. If complaints arise regarding cleanliness or maintenance issues that persist without resolution, this can negatively impact workplace morale and deter potential clients who visit your establishment. Don’t let a single janitor take a toll on your business reputation by ignoring such complaints.

Detectable Odor or Stains

A clean and inviting workspace should be free from offensive odors and stubborn stains. If you notice any persistent smells or unsightly spills that don’t seem to be addressed after cleaning, it might be because the janitor isn’t doing a thorough job. This can impact the overall work environment and make your office look unprofessional.

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