Professional Deep Cleaning Checklist to Ensure a Spotless Bathroom

Maintain Your Bathroom!

Given how busy life may be, filth and debris can accumulate quite quickly. As the seasons shift, take some time to organize and clean your home so that it stays pristine all year. One room at a time or the entire house may be accomplished in one weekend. Use this professional deep cleaning checklist once a month to maintain the best conditions for your bathroom:

Wipe down mirrors and Wash shower doors.

Take extra care to clean out any dirt that has been collected on the edges or corners. Using a little vinegar and a wet towel to scrub down things can help you get rid of any accumulated filth or dust. Use an amount of warm distilled white vinegar and let it rest for around 30 minutes to remove soap scum or water stains. Reapply if necessary. After that, sprinkle some baking soda over the area and scrape the stains away carefully.

Washcloth curtains or bath mats.

Simply read the care tags on each item to determine which cleaning cycle should be used. To avoid creases, lower the heat setting on the dryer and take everything out while it’s still somewhat moist. Rehang them in the shower to finish the drying process. You may either get a new one or wash your old one in cold water before hanging it back up to dry if you absolutely also own a plastic shower curtain liner.

Organize the drawers and the space under the sink.

With time, these places frequently get congested. Take everything out so that you can clean the bottoms of the drawers and cabinets and get rid of any cobwebs that may have accumulated. When arranging the remaining things, be sure to discard anything that is old or superfluous and to put the ones you’ll use the most frequently up front for easy access.

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