Residential Cleaning: Hacks Need to Be Skipped

Cleaning Hacks Experts Recommend Skipping

A clever hack may not be one just because the internet claims it to be one. While you can save some of the unexpected strategies you learn for later, some aren’t so great. The best bet is to do research, which is crucial to averting a calamity. Call a cleaning expert and ask for their guidance. A few residential cleaning professionals offered up a few cleaning tricks that, regrettably, are too good to be true to keep you from significant mistakes and cleaning disasters, and these are:

Using Vinegar for Everything

Many professionals have warned against using vinegar as an all-purpose cleaning solution for your home’s various nooks and crannies although it is a traditional cleaning mainstay in most homes. This opinion is shared by experts, who note that while vinegar is useful for many things, hardwood floors are most definitely not one of them.

Cleaning With Coca-Cola

You would be excused if you tried the same idea in the bathroom after watching the movies that show how Coca-Cola cleans pennies to make them appear fresh and new. The beverage has no power to fully remove the bacteria in your toilet, even though stains might start to come off.

Grout Cleaning Using Bleach

Bleach sounds like the kind of substance that would be ideal for grout with a dingy appearance; it is potent enough to remove stains and mold that may be accumulating around your sinks, shower, and tile. The filler material in the bottle can readily be worn down by bleach, so resist the urge to grab it.

Using Dish Soap to Clean Toilets

Toilets are rarely a fixture that is fully pristine and might be grubby places. Due to this, the concept of frequently using dish soap in the toilet bowl has emerged. It’s not a fantastic hack even though it could make things appear sparkly temporarily. Dish soap can be hard on rubber, causing the seals on your toilet to wear out more quickly and become less effective.

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